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2022 DHL Line

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Fort Worth, Texas Tour
Embassy Suites
600 Commerce Street
Fort Worth, TX

August 27-28, 2021


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Madison, MS

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About Us

Founded by retired show choir director, Dianne Holbert; Dianne Holbert Limited (DHL) is committed to assisting directors, choreographers and producers in helping bring their costume visions to life.


Dianne works with each group to create costumes that balance the show with texture and color.  Paying close attention to fabrication, DHL costumes are durable, beautiful and made from quality fabrics.  


Her passion for fashion and design led Dianne to a career in costume production after retiring from Jackson Preparatory School in Jackson, Mississippi.  It was at Jackson Prep that Dianne created the nationally ranked show choir Reveillon.  During her time as director and designer, Dianne used her strong artistic capabilities and thorough knowledge of textiles, fashion and fit to create looks for the group that were second to none.


Today, Dianne puts those same talents to work assisting groups across the country.  


Email Dianne and let her begin creating something spectacular for your group.

Sizing & Measurement Guide

If you need help with measurement and sizing, watch our video guide. Download our order form below



Mitch Fuller, Capital Sounds, McGavock High School

Nashville, TN

"Our dresses are beautiful., and the girls love them.  This is the first time I haven’t had costume complaints 

Even the tailor, who’s been fixing my dresses since 2001, said these were the prettiest and best constructed dresses I’ve had!"

Laura Engels, West Connection, Davenport West High School

Davenport, IN

"Your dresses are beautiful!"

Wes Morton, Soundsational Singers, Nevada High School

Nevada, MI

"OH MY GOD!!! THE DRESSES ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!  Thank you so much."

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"I believe that dynamic costumes presented in a thematic color help groups capture the attention of the judges and audience from the beginning of the show. DHL creations make a statement! "


-Dianne Holbert, Designer


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CELL: 601-927-8689

FAX: 601-856-8937


Dianne Holbert Limited

444 Autumn Oak Drive

Madison, MS 39110